Chicken Baguette Recipe

This Chicken Baguette recipe we are publishing is a good example of how to make a sandwich following our Guide to Make Great Sandwiches. It’s made with multiseeded baguette, the main ingredient is chicken but accompanied by spinach leaves and cucumber slices to add crunchiness and we use our special chicken mayonnaise sauce to bring it all together.

At Bites Coffee House we use steamed chicken breast in order to keep the fats low and retain the juiciness of the meat. However, this recipe goes well with marinated chicken breast cooked in a pan, chicken thighs which are  juicer, and it’s also a great way of using leftover scraps from a roast the day before.

Chicken Baguette Recipe:

Ingredients (1 person): 

bites coffee house chicken baguette recipe

  • 1 Multigrain baguette of your choice
  • Cooked chicken breast/thigh
  • 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
  • 2 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • Slices of cucumber
  • Spinach leaves


  • Cook the chicken breast in your favourite way. Shred it and mix it with 1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.
  • Cut the baguette in half lengthways and spread some mayonnaise on each half.
  • Fill the baguette with the mix of chicken breast, whole grain mustard and mayonnaise. Add some slices of cucumber and spinach leaves.
  • Cut in half, serve on a plate and enjoy it!

Extra Tips:

  • Use turkey instead of chicken or chicken thigh instead breast to have more juiciness.
  • You can replace spinach leaves for a salad mix leaf and have a fresh touch.
  • Add colour to your sandwich with some tomato slices.
  • Get a sweet touch and more crunchiness with two or three spoons of sweet corn.

As you can see, this Chicken Baguette recipe is really easy to make, so go ahead and try it! Do you have your own version? Any special or secret ingredients? How would you improve our Chicken Baguette recipe? Share your tips with us, we love learning from others.

We would love to see you creations. Don’t be shy, we are happy when you tag us on your sandwich pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Bites Guides: Make Great Sandwiches! (Part II)

Sandwiches are our business. We have been making them for 7 years and now we are sharing our experience an passion about them with this guide. Don’t miss Make Great Sandwiches (Part I)!

Make Great Sandwiches (Part II)

  • Eat your vegetables. Not only because you’re supposed to do it. Vegetables add an element of freshness and crunchiness to a sandwich. They add texture and flavour, as well as make the sandwich more visually attractive. When it comes to lettuce, we urge you to stay away from the boring and predictable iceberg lettuce, which is rather dull in flavour. Instead, opt for a nice mix of leaves, or baby leaves. Baby spinach is wonderful with chicken. Rocket, adds a peppery flavour to the fillings, which works well with meats. sauteing your red onions will make them sweet and remove that strong onion smell. Avocado, full of healthy fats, is a major feature and request in sandwich fillings. Tomato slices should be cut thin, and not used if you are making sandwiches to be eaten the following day, as they make the whole sandwich soggy if left for a long time.

bites coffee house make great sandwiches chicken mozzarella ciabatta

  • Seasoning. A key part of the flavour comes from seasoning, be it simple salt and black pepper, or a sprinkle of your favourite herbs and spices. A combination of dry toasting sesame seeds, mustard seeds, celery salt and black peppercorns makes for an interesting spice. Ras el Hanut, the North African “house blend” also works nicely especially with chicken fillings. Try some micro herbs as well, which you can now easily get from local supermarkets.
  • Heating. Of course you can change the whole dynamic of your sandwich by toasting it under a panini press, especially if you added cheese and wanted an extra crunchy touch. Be careful with a pan, as this can result in a big mess! Heating the ingredients enhances the flavours of some fillings, but beware, not everything is great hot; lettuce leaves for instance, aren’t great heated. Spinach on the other hand works well when cooked. You can also consider an open grilled sandwich, if you don’t have a panini press, but can use thebites coffee house great sandwiches ham pickle sandwich grill on your oven. The idea is layer up your sandwich, back to front almost, without the last layer of bread, and put the cheese on top, so it melts down and covers the rest of the filling. For a vegetarian option, humous toasts really well, and is great with some grilled aubergine, tomato, onion, spinach, and even some avocado and a slight drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. Egg mayo surprisingly toasts well too, and is great with some grated mature cheddar mixed in.
  • Presentation. If you are cooking for other people, how the sandwiches look and are presented to your guests can make the difference between a dinner and an experience. Cut the sandwiches in quarters so the inside filling can be seen. But this is a crucial moment when all the hard work is at risk. Be careful how you cut! Use a sharp serrated knife, or even an electric knife and cut your sandwich with a sawing movement. If you press down with a knife the fillings can easily fall out. Likewise be careful where you place your fingers, you don’t want pressure marks on the bread. Place them gently on the ends or corners, just to hold it in place, and let the sharp knife do the work.
  • On the side: You can complete your sandwich with some salad or crisps. You can also be different, and serve it with a tasty seasonal coleslaw, or an alternative to potato crisps – baked kale crisps or why not some air popped popcorn.

That’s all, friends. Now it’s your turn to experiment with new flavours. We are sure if you follow our Make Great Sandwiches! Guide you can get really good sandwiches to impress people with. If you do, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We want to see what you can do! And if it is particularly good and you would like to share the recipe with us, we may feature it on our menu as a special and put your name on it!


Bites Guides: Make Great Sandwiches! (Part I)

Sandwiches are one of the greatest contributions of United Kingdom to the world. They are so versatile and universally loved, that it is hard to go wrong by serving a good sandwich. A sandwich can be something that is meticulously thought out and planned, as we do at Bites Coffee House, or can simply be a combination of leftover ingredients quickly considered and mixed together.

Whatever your reason for making a sandwich, we hope that our quick guide, which condenses our 7 years of experience, will help guide you to make great sandwiches. In this first part we are going to talk about the three most important elements in every sandwich: bread, the filling and sauces.

how to make great sandwiches chicken avocado sandwich

Make great sandwiches!

how to make great sandwiches giant pizza bagelhow to make great sandwiches ham mozzarella baguette

  • Choose your bread carefully. The bread is not just a “carrier” for the fillings, it is the one ingredient that you are guaranteed to eat and taste with every mouthful. So don’t limit yourself to just standard white or wholemeal bread. Every bread could inspires a different sandwich. At Bites we use tin loaf malted grain brown bread for our sandwiches, and white, multi-seed brown, and stone bake multi-cereal baguettes, stone baked ciabatta, specially made “giant” bagels, and a great sourdough loaf… in our extensive range. There are so many good breads on the market these day, both factory made, and artisan, that you can be spoilt for choice. Visit your local bakery and check what they have for you. Its worth remembering whole-wheats (i.e flours that have been less processed) contain a higher % of bran which helps to regulate your intestinal passage.
  • The filling. The main reason for creating a sandwich. Really anything works as a filling, but there is one golden rule to follow – don’t overfill. Sandwiches with massive fillings look impressive, but end up being a disaster to eat, usually falling apart Ultimately a sandwich needs to be practical, to be enjoyed properly. Every mouthful should contain the filling as well as the bread, with every bite experiencing the different tastes and textures of the chosen ingredients. The most common bases for fillings are chicken, turkey, ham, beef, cheese (of which there are a plethora of options), humous, salmon, tuna and prawns. But if you are feeling creative and daring, you can try something completely different, such as a roast dinner in a crusty roll, with potato and all.
  • Sauces. The sauce is a key ingredient, as it provides both a functional use and adds to the taste experience. Sauces act as both a “glue” to hold together the filling to the bread, but also, they act as an anti-soggy barrier for wet fillings. A sauce spreads liberally across a slice of bread, will be absorbed partially by the outer layer of bread, and will prevent other sauces seeping through. We barely use butter, opting for mayonnaise based spread instead such as aioli, tartar, or mustards and pestos. You can even make a mix of mayo/mustard or mayo/pesto.

Click here to read the second part of our Make Great Sandwiches! Guide. We hope you make superb sandwiches following it. If you do, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We want to see what you can do! And if it is particularly good and you would like to share the recipe with us, we may feature it on our menu as a special and put your name on it!


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