Bites Guides: Make Great Sandwiches! (Part I)

Sandwiches are one of the greatest contributions of United Kingdom to the world. They are so versatile and universally loved, that it is hard to go wrong by serving a good sandwich. A sandwich can be something that is meticulously thought out and planned, as we do at Bites Coffee House, or can simply be a combination of leftover ingredients quickly considered and mixed together.

Whatever your reason for making a sandwich, we hope that our quick guide, which condenses our 7 years of experience, will help guide you to make great sandwiches. In this first part we are going to talk about the three most important elements in every sandwich: bread, the filling and sauces.

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Make great sandwiches!

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  • Choose your bread carefully. The bread is not just a “carrier” for the fillings, it is the one ingredient that you are guaranteed to eat and taste with every mouthful. So don’t limit yourself to just standard white or wholemeal bread. Every bread could inspires a different sandwich. At Bites we use tin loaf malted grain brown bread for our sandwiches, and white, multi-seed brown, and stone bake multi-cereal baguettes, stone baked ciabatta, specially made “giant” bagels, and a great sourdough loaf… in our extensive range. There are so many good breads on the market these day, both factory made, and artisan, that you can be spoilt for choice. Visit your local bakery and check what they have for you. Its worth remembering whole-wheats (i.e flours that have been less processed) contain a higher % of bran which helps to regulate your intestinal passage.
  • The filling. The main reason for creating a sandwich. Really anything works as a filling, but there is one golden rule to follow – don’t overfill. Sandwiches with massive fillings look impressive, but end up being a disaster to eat, usually falling apart Ultimately a sandwich needs to be practical, to be enjoyed properly. Every mouthful should contain the filling as well as the bread, with every bite experiencing the different tastes and textures of the chosen ingredients. The most common bases for fillings are chicken, turkey, ham, beef, cheese (of which there are a plethora of options), humous, salmon, tuna and prawns. But if you are feeling creative and daring, you can try something completely different, such as a roast dinner in a crusty roll, with potato and all.
  • Sauces. The sauce is a key ingredient, as it provides both a functional use and adds to the taste experience. Sauces act as both a “glue” to hold together the filling to the bread, but also, they act as an anti-soggy barrier for wet fillings. A sauce spreads liberally across a slice of bread, will be absorbed partially by the outer layer of bread, and will prevent other sauces seeping through. We barely use butter, opting for mayonnaise based spread instead such as aioli, tartar, or mustards and pestos. You can even make a mix of mayo/mustard or mayo/pesto.

Click here to read the second part of our Make Great Sandwiches! Guide. We hope you make superb sandwiches following it. If you do, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We want to see what you can do! And if it is particularly good and you would like to share the recipe with us, we may feature it on our menu as a special and put your name on it!


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