Guest Coffee: Finca Bosque Lya

From time to time, we offer a seasonal guest coffee. Over the last few months we have had a very fine single origin bean from Finca Bosque Lya – which translates as Lya’s Forest Farm.

These beans come from the mountains of western El Salvador, where they grow in an altitude of between 1470 and 1650 metres above sea level. This peculiarity brings about a coffee of great complexity: sweet and lively with nuances of berries, tea rose and dark fruit such as plums, with a little chocolate on the finish too.

This coffee we are introducing you to is made almost entirely from Bourbon beans. The cherries can ripen red, yellow or orange. Finca Bosque Lya handpick them between January and March and process with water prior to drying them, and then ship them between April and June.

finca bosque lya bites coffee house finca bosque lya bites coffee house3

Bourbon is a mutation of early Arabica species from Ethiopia grown in the Island of Bourbon (now known as Reunion Island). This varietal is known for its amazing complex acidity and great balance and was introduced to El Salvador in the late 19th century.

Finca Bosque Lya was established in 1932 when Gustavo Vides Valdes named his property in honour of his newly born daughter, Lya. This farm is situated in the municipality of Santa Ana, on the foothills of the Ilamatepec Volcano in the Apaneca Mountain range. In this land of volcanoes, many of them active, soil is rich and fertile whilst the views are often strikingly beautiful and always dramatic. Such conditions are perfect for the production of high quality coffee.

Finca Bosque Lya achieved world fame in coffee circles when it took first place in the 2004 Cup of Excellence. This is a 96 hectare farm – 64 of which are under coffee, the balance left as natural rainforest. However, in many parts of the farm it is difficult to recognise what is pure forest and what isn’t since so many shade trees are used.

In addition, Finca Bosque Lya has a Rainforest Alliance Certificate which guarantees its coffee production respects the surrounding environment and preserves biodiversity.

Official Tasting Scores and Notes are as follows:

  • Acidity – 7.5 to 8.5 – Piquant, juicy and pleasing
  • Sweetness – 8 to 8.5 – Very nice sweetness
  • Character – 8 to 9 – Great character – peach, citrus fruits and honey
  • Body – 7.5 to 8 – Depending on the roast
  • Balance – 7.5 to 8 – Has a very good even at a medium roast

We are in the process of selecting our next seasonal guest coffee, so look out for our future post, as well as the blackboard in the shop.